PSA: Lyft now has Car Seat Mode!

Patricia Chang Lyft

Hello Riders with little ones!

I often get asked by out-of-towners how I travel around Manhattan with kids and if they will need to bring a carseat on their trip to NYC.

If you're not comfortable taking the subway and/or prefer taking a car, I definitely recommend taking a Lyft! Not only is Lyft affordable, but the ridesharing app it also provides the option to request a car seat, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride with your little one.

Every Lyft driver who participates in Car Seat Mode is extensively trained and tested by third-party child passenger safety technicians. Our precious children's safety is a parent / guardian's priority!   

Patricia Chang Lyft

So make sure you update your Lyft App and select “Car Seat” mode next time you need to get around the city with your child. 

Your ride arrives with the car seat already safely installed, so make sure to book a few extra minutes in advance to give the driver time to install the car seat. 

Patricia Chang Lyft

Chase loves to strap himself in!


Enjoy your ride with peace of mind and no extra car seat to pack on your trip to NYC.

My personal advice: For parents who have children that get motion sickness easily, NYC's grid layout can be tough with all the "stop-and-go" action. So I always prepare a large ziplock bag and paper towels (way better for trapping in the odor and mess than a plastic bag) just in case for Chase. As soon as I get in, I ask the driver to please drive smoothly because Chase gets nauseous easily and to take it easy on the accelerator and brakes.  ;)


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